Day 1/5: Krabi Town, Thailand

Wednesday, January 25th 2006. Ready we headed to Changi Terminal 1. As planned: me, lil Pumpkin, baby Bro, cuz Ella, Ali and Huda (Ali and Huda are the Rock Climber frenzy of baby Bro) are going to KrabiThailand. Booked Tiger Airways at a very good price – lucky us!!



It took less than an hour to reach Krabi from Singapore. Once there we took a Tut-Tut Taxi to Krabi Town. Baby bro wanted to have KFC there.. yeah.. sound ridiculous but well, that was his reason. Anyway, after the KFC meal and a little shopping, we head to Ao Nang Pier. It was quite a long ride from Krabi Town.




Upon reaching Ao Nang Pier, we took a long tail boat ride of less than an hour to Ton Sai Bay. It was a nice view. Green water. Blue sky. Hills of rocks. Light sand. And there.. when the boat nearby the beach.. I could see Huts of Restaurants, huts of Boutique and the rocks.. filled with so many rock climbers. I just could not wait to put my feet on that beautiful Ton Sai beach.





By night, we went back to Andaman Nature Resort restaurant to have our dinner and watched the HBO show.


More Snap Shots in my Gallery ≈ Gallery: Krabi, Thailand (Jan 2006)

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