Day 2/5: Ton Sai Bay to Railay Bay (East & West) to Phranang Beach

January 26th 2006. After our morning breakfast, all of us agree to spend our days to venture and do a little shopping at the Railay Bay WEST and then to Phranang beach. Before that we took some shots of the rock climbers and the rocks of Ton Sai Bay.



Facing the sea, far end to the left side, we past thru the boulders as the sea was at low tide. Few steps climbing up and down the big boulders, we made ourselves to Railay Bay WEST.



We stopped by a shop to have several kind of taste of Pancake. There was lanes of shops for shopping. But don’t get too excited coz it is not that kind of shopping you always do at your homeland. It was just shops of the rock climbers merchandises. Loads of t-shirts with printed of “Hot Rock” to “Rock Climbers” to “Tuna”. Trust me, I got one for myself.


While passing thru the shops, we bump unto several nice resorts.. those kind of luxury resorts for honeymooners or family. We then reached the Railay Bay EAST and rest for a while at CliffMan Pub to meet baby bro’s frenzy. He is the owner of the Pub.

After resting, we walked thru the Phranang Cave to go to Phranang beach to relax and do a bit of sun tanning. Swimming in the clear water and under the rocks above our head, we laid back to have some bites and witness the beautiful beach. A litlle later, lil Pumpkin and baby Bro did kayaking around the rocks and then to Railay Bay WEST. As for the rest of us, we walked back to Railay Bay WEST to meet the both of them.




It was high tide by then, so we could not  pass thru the boulders so we climbed the hill instead. It was near sun set, we stopped for a while to get few shots for memoir.



Dinner time, all of us had our meal at Andaman Nature Resort restaurant. Other few baby Bro’s climbers frenzy who had just arrived earlier joined us for some HBO movies.

More Snap Shots in my Gallery ≈ Gallery: Krabi, Thailand (Jan 2006)

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