Day 3/5: Climbing up the Railay Hill

January 27th 2006. It was the day we went for our rock climbing at the rocks near Railay Bay WEST.

We gathered ourselves at Andaman Nature Resort restaurant for our breakfast. Baby Bro and his frenz had some discussion on which wall to climb. And so they decided to climb the rocks between the Railay Bay WEST and Phranang beach.



fter climbing thru the hills to reach Railay Bay WEST, we walked by the beach heading to the rocks ahead. We need to walked up a lilt bit to reach the top. There we could see climbers around. We searched for our spot. Some other climber frenzs of baby Bro has already made their way up.


Baby Bro lead the climb, ofcoz. He hooked all the metal hooks on the wall for the rest to climb later. Once done, Ali and Huda took turn to climb the wall. While waiting for them, I took my chance to read my favorite book.


Then it came to lil Pumpkin. He was so excited and just could not wait for his turn. Cuzz Ella prepared for his gear and there he was so ready to make his climb up to the cave above.



Lil Pumpkin did great. I am so proud of him.


I was the last one for the same project. I made to the cave and took a shot surrounding below. The people were tiny from where I was.



There it was.. magnificent.. beautiful.. speechless.. amazingly beautiful. It was awesome to be in the cave to witness the blue sky and the green sea of Railay Bay WEST. The rocks opposite looks peace. I wish I could just sit in the cave but then I remembered, people below were waiting for me as they wanted to climb for the next project.


Lil Pumpkin and the rest switch for the harder project. As for me, am busy taking shots of the others and the view.


We finished late afternoon. We walked our way back to our resort to take our shower.


By dinner, we were all set together to have our great Thai cuisine. After heavy dinner, we walked outwards to the Ton Sai beach to watched the burning lantern way up to the sky. The further up it went, it looks so beautifully glittering like the stars.



More Snap Shots in my Gallery ≈ Gallery: Krabi, Thailand (Jan 2006)

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