Day 4/5: Climb and climb again!

January 28th 2006. Another day for rock climbing. All of us marched to the same hill we did yesterday. It would be a different project. Many new faces who had just arrived last evening were already there ready to climb their way up.


Baby Bro started the day as usual. He would lead his way up. Took some great shots him with the Japanese lady. They were tough and professional.



Lil Pumpkin was so ready for another adventures. He waited with patience for his round. This time he would want to go for not the easy rocks. Baby Bro guided him all the way. Lil Pumpkin did great.. once again.


We ended our day earlier. Weather was pretty hot and all of us were so exhausted. After dinner at the same place, the rest continued with their HBO movie while I spoiled myself with Thai Massage together with my cuzz, Ella.



More Snap Shots in my Gallery ≈ Gallery: Krabi, Thailand (Jan 2006)

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