Last Day: “La-Kawn Sawatdee” (farewell).. Krabi !

It was a slow Sunday.. really. My heart felt down.. coz it’s the last day of our stay in Krabi. After our shower, we head to Andaman Nature Resort restaurant for our last breakfast. Everybody.. almost everybody gathered there. Charlotte as well as Adwyn stopped by to say their goodbye to us. Yes.. cuss Ella, lil Pumpkin and me will be heading back home to reality. While baby Bro and his frenzy stay for another week or two. They always do this every year. Krabi is like our second home.



After breakfast, we went back to our Krabi Mountain View Resort and took our bag pack and meet up with the rest at Ton Sai beach.



Nearby along the beach, baby Bro and his frenzy were getting ready to climb the walls. In a meanwhile, the three of us were waiting for the long tail boat to arrive.

I managed to take some shots of the climbers as well as some frenzy.





My heart breaks coz I wish I could stay longer but my lil Pumpkin has to be back to school after the Chinese New Year holiday and cuss Ella has to go back to work.


Well, we had all the fun in Krabi thought it was not enough. I would dream to come back again one day and the next time will be someone I love.. how I wish..

Krabi, I will be back!


More Snap Shots in my Gallery ≈ Gallery: Krabi, Thailand (Jan 2006)

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