I’ve Learn Something

I‘ve learn that I should re-evaluate my expectations.. oh yes, I’ve to let go the myth that best friends are forever.. that is.

Why did I say so.. coz I realized that in reality.. in most friendships, even the good ones.. it doesn’t last forever.

I have a friend whom I shall not name her.. we used to do things together from shopping, dining and everything you name it which girls/ladies love to share. I like her and I love her too. I never knew her all my life. She was my colleague in the agency we used to work.

It begin when she thought I was a stuck-up and I thought she was quite a bitch.. hehehe.. anyway, we both got it all wrong about each other.

A very simple lady who love “cute-cute thing” – that’s how she love to phrase when she saw any tiny soft toys, cute ear-rings, etc. One thing l like about her is her way of thought. She is much younger than me and I respect her the way she deal with her life.

She’s not perfect, neither I.. and that make the two of us perfect! Yes, we both love to eat.. we love seafood!!! And we did the eating-thing, we have no table manners!! Oh, the food were real good. What the hack with the men nearby.. hehehe..

And when come to clothing.. we could spent more than 6 hours window shopping and browsing the clothes we wanted to get.. but before that, we did some Fashion Magazine survey, picking up the fashion we love.. then planned a day to hit up Orchard Road.. and pick “cheap” clothing that match it. It’s not branded stuff but we end up look good coz it’s all how we dressed.. yeah..

We love sweets thing too.. so there’s go the Desserts after shopping.. all I could say it had always been the perfect shopping with her.

And when all these great things happened between us, there’s her great boyfriend who had been “suffering” following us.. hehehe.. but it’s not our fault for dragging him.. he just enjoyed to be around her.

We spoke the same language, the same topic.. And she is very tactful on how to approach me if there’s something not right about me.. I respected her very much. We never judge on each other. We don’t have to please each other for we are very please with each other. Infact, we have so much in common, having same hobbies, liking & hating same things!!!

You see.. she’s not someone who carry great name around the world.. but it’s who she truly is and her humble character that made our friendship GREAT!!


Well, things happened in her life somehow.. she is now a broken heart person who is no longer in our Island. She distanced herself to do some charity work in the 3rd World Country. She just didn’t want to be in contact with anyone. She loves to be with those kids living in poverty.

I am not angry on her decision. I won’t blame her. I won’t hate her. I respected her choice of life. It hurts to be part from her but I knew she didn’t mean to hurt me. I could not help her on how she felt.

Before she left.. she said.. “There’s no “Best-est Friend”.. but one Truly friend.. and that is you!”

I‘ve learned something.. I never lose her.

I pray and wish all the best for her. I hope she found peace in her heart where ever she is now. I hope she found love again one day.

It’s been more than 10 years now.. she’s very much alive & happier. While him.. hmm.. he could not find someone new that could love him the way she did.


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