The One Who Always Smile

I could only remember that one afternoon my dad told me I must get ready and dress well for he wanna bring me to the hospital. When I asked him why.. he told me that we were going to visit mom and my little brother. I was like.. “What?! Now I have a brother?!!” That was like 3 days before my 5th birthday.


Okay, all I knew my mom always put my hand on her stomach and I could felt some movement. She always said that I would be having a brother or sister soon and he or she was kicking inside her. I thought that little thing inside her was rude. I promised myself that if it is true I am to be a big sister, I will teach him or her when she is out.

nazib2When I reached the hospital, I was so excited to meet my mom. I did not see her for the past few days. I saw many women in beds.. and I saw adults surrounding the beds too. I guess they must be the family members or friends. Then I saw my mom, she was resting and holding some wrapping thing. I ran to her and lean myself on the bed. She smiled, she asked if I wanna see my little brother. I nodded. She lower down the wrapping thing then I saw a cute little baby, asleep. I went near him and whisper to his ear I said, open your eyes baby.. open your eyes please. Oh well, he did not.. but then with his eyes still close.. he smiled. That.. yes.. that was the loveliest smile and I believe he heard me. And the rest was history..

Well, till today.. this little boy.. whom is my baby brother.. has always been the light. His smiles always melt anyone’s heart. The name given is Mohamad Nazib.


Baby, bro, the date August 31st 1978 (as in Gregorian date) was the day you were born and it was the day you gave me your first smile. I wanna wish you all the best in your life and hope that our love last forever..


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