It Is All About Marina

20111106_fNovember 11th 2011. Two and half months had passed.. Today is Sunday ~ another Public Holiday in Singapore. It is the day of AidilAdha.

After visiting to mom’s place and had our rendang, Mr H brought me to somewhere he promised before. Place that I could do my photography. Ofcoz, I do not have any professional camera yet.. I do have my mobile – iPhone4. He heard me well.. he knew I missed doing my favorite thing which I left doing it for more than 10 years.


I did not know about this place. I heard about it though and I saw photos from friends who went there with their love ones in the Facebook, etc. I thought it was beautiful but I wonder how to reach there. I never ask.. my bad. So Mr H drove me there. The first thing I did.. I went to the bridge and admired the Marina Barrage from outside. The sky is wide. Seeing the wide sky filled with kites.

And then.. that was not it..  Mr H brought me up.. I thought there is an entrance fee.. damn, I must have not know about Singapore well.. shame on me..

When I reached on the top.. I was speechless.. but I hate it.. hate for the fact I do not have a DSLR Camera..



Mr H took a shot of me too.. I love it.. less than half hour.. he did a great shot too.. not bad for a first timer.. I know I love him so much.. like the way it used to be..


It was a great evening watching family having fun together, senior citizen lover birds, kids running freely, adult flying kites, friends enjoying picnic under the wide sky. I knew I will make a come back.. one day.. with a DSLR Camera in hand.. insyaAllah..


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