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Strolling for Indonesian Food

St Regis
St Regis

January 1st 2012. It was the first day of the they year and it was Public Holiday. There was not much thing to do though. So we decided to drive to Orchard because we know there won’t be much crowd in the morning since everyone had enjoyed the celebrations of the eve of New Year, last nite. As for me, I had good sleep. Anyway, my guess was right.. Orchard Road was indeed silence in the morning. We had a great morning walk.. not really early though.. it was around 11-ish. We passed by St Regis and took some photos but did not turn up to be good.

Tambuah Mas @ Tanglin
Tambuah Mas @ Tanglin

By noon, we decided to try Indonesian food for lunch. So we went to Tambuah Mas @ Tanglin Shopping Centre. We tried the Nasi Kuning, Tahu Telur, Udang Belado, Sup Buntut & Kangkong Belacan. As for the drink, I just could not resist Delima Ice.

The lunch set
The lunch set

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