Bon Appétit !

Raining Friday

A week past after I was admitted to Changi Hospital. I am feeling better now. Still waiting for the appointment letter from Kandang Kerbau Women’s & Children Hospital.

Kak Nor (family friends), came by to visit mom. She need mom’s favor. As mom is good in doing jewellery, she wanted mom to make her set of jewellery for her friend in Korea.

The day was slow as it was raining heavily outside. It had been raining in Singapore for the past few days. It’s all wet everywhere.

Hubby is here!
Mr H is here!

Around 1500 hour I received call from Mr H that he had a surprised for me. He told me to look down at the car park, there he was with something. He got out from his office to do some errands.

Mr H knew mom was busy attending Kak Nor. She would not have time to cook. So he bought us a meal, murtabak from Victory Restaurant near Arab Street.

Victory Restaurant
Victory Restaurant

Murtabak is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread. The ingredients usually includes minced mutton, some chopped onions, garlic and eggs. It is eaten with curry gravy. There are variety of muratabak flavour like chicken murtabak and even daging rusa (deer meat) murtabak – I tried it before at Zam Zam Restaurant at a cost of slightly higher than the rest.

Mutton Murtabak
Mutton Murtabak

After delivered the meal, Mr H left for office again. He will be home by 2200 hour. He had been such an adore. He always spoiled me especially with food. Yeah I know I am growing.. sideway. Need to jog but hey, its raining lately. So I skip all that.. maybe next time.


Besides murtabak, Mr H never failed to buy me the suji. It is definitely my favourite. Thank you dear, thank you for the meal.

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