The Calls

Today is the fourth day. He called me at 1947 hour. Miss his voice. Miss him so much.

He assured me that the day went smooth on his ends. Meals are good. He explained how busy he was during the day handling the paper works. He sound so excited. I knew he is very much happy with the news he got yesterday. Though yesterday, he sound pretty nervous. As he told me he wanted the position so much but too nervous whether he could handle it.

I am so proud of him. I knew he will do his best.. as he always did. He was pointed to be the In-Charge Officer for his Company.

Home Team academy
Home Team academy

He asked how was everybody in the house. He missed us too. And during the conversations he never kept repeating asking how am I feeling. I could deny no more. I am terribly missing him. And I am counting everyday. Six more days to go till I meet him again.

It was the last Tuesday (four days ago), I sent him to Home Team Academy. He was enlisted to National Service and has to serve for the next two years. Witnessing the Affirmation of Allegiance.. he was among the young guys.

Well, I just could not wait to hug him again. He is a grown up now but he is always my baby.

Ummi love you, Pumpkin..

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