about HER


You are always in my mind..
You are always in my mind..


Hmm.. yes Hi!

I really don’t know what to type about myself. I don’t want to sound boring but Mr H told me that I should give a try.

I am a simple person though Mr H kept telling me how complicate I could be especially when come to organizing things. To me I just want it to be perfect but he said am such an OCD (surprising lil Pumpkin agrees with him). I believe I am NOT!

I give unconditional love but lil Pumpkin always claimed that I love the furry four legged creatures more. Now that he in his teens age, he stopped saying that. Maybe he realized my love to him is priceless but to be honest, those creepy spoiled kitties always melt my heart. They are part of my life; they are family!

Origin, I was a Mulitply-ean. Somehow, Multiply had vanished that I moved to the two common alphabets = FB. Let me make it brief, it sucks! Too much blah, blah, blah, the lame.com thing. So much EFF on the BFF. I am just too tired and sick about it. Log-in to FB was just to kill my time playing FARMVILLE, CITYVILLE, etc. In the end, I lost track of my life.. hehe.. that sound serious eh.

Lucky, Mr H  had been my lifesaver. He bought me a NIKON V1 and D5200, bringing me on the adventures of food hunting, weekends groceries shopping, drives around the City of Lion, booked tickets to be far far away.. and many more. And he said – Write them! Go on.. write about them!

For a quick reference, on every blog I pencil down just remember these; am a woman to man of her first love since age fifteen and only met again twenty-three years later, mother to a teenage young man (and also the crazy cats), daughter to parents who are always panic when come to new things, and a friend to any new friends out there. I am a good listener and yes, I do bark.. wooff wooff.. 😉


pencil down by Print


PS: I am addicted to instagram.. really.. don’t tell my hubby.. sshhh.. 😛

Psst.. what say you..

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