Gallery: Bali, Indonesia (Mar 2013)

Date: March 28th 2013 Place: Jimbaran Beach – Bali, Indonesia Camera: Nikon D5200 Read my Jotter Book on the followings :- – Day 1: Bali Finally! – Day 2: Finally Bali!


Day 2: Finally Bali!

On our second day, we decided to explore Jimbaran beach. The villa management arranged our trip to the beach by taxi at no cost. The taxi driver, Pak Pujiyanto a Javanese origin recommended us to one of the seafood along the beach – JBS Bumbu Bali Restaurant. Before he left, we made a booking with… Continue reading Day 2: Finally Bali!


Day 1: Bali Finally!

Okay.. this is just a story of our short trip to Bali, Indonesia last weekend. Why Bali? I want to see the sunrise and sunset by the beach and took beautiful photos. Why short trip? Well, Mr H could not take any long vacation as his projects coming to end by this October.  Why end March?… Continue reading Day 1: Bali Finally!


Updating.. on Nusa Dua

Can’t really type much here as the wifi connections are really bad so I just give this one a try. Will update more once am back home.

Bon Appétit !

Telur Asin Fried Prawn

It is such a slow Monday.. and it is raining outside. I finished up my lunch (rice and sambal chicken) and here I am with my black coffee. I am writing this blog because of the followings:- I miss the Telur Asin (Salted Egg) Fried Prawn I miss Indonesian food I miss Indonesia I miss… Continue reading Telur Asin Fried Prawn